Build Tools for VMware Aria

I am a big fan of VMware Aria Automation and VMware Aria Orchestrator (formerly vRealize Orchestrator) especially. I followed up on this project since it wasn’t public yet, and from the beginning, it would open almost endless horizons for what we’ll be able to do once it is publicly available. But I didn’t realize how humble I was in my thoughts… I started to test it after it became an open source. And… I fell in love. But there was one catch - I would need to learn TypeScript. And I fell in love the second time :) After a few years of using vRO (I can’t stop calling it vRO) before the moment, I discovered the Build Tools were gone in a second. I started to feel like a real programmer (haha). No var a = ... anymore. Welcome Classes, Types, and Promises, and - Unit-Tests! Welcome endless (almost) possibilities, even with the old Mozilla Rhino Engine 1.7R4 Aria Orchestrator uses. It’s like two different products - vRO with web client and Javascript and vRO with VSCode + Typescript.

I will share some code and tips I collected using Aria Orchestrator with the Building Tools. And I highly recommend using it.

I want to thank each developer who did this project and continue supporting it. THANK YOU!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.